I am a month ahead on updates for Artemis.

    Right now I can either write one of the most emotionally taxing and sensually shocking chapters thus far (borderline porn that actually stays in the book)

    Or I can play lego Lord of the Rings.


    Artemis - Chapter Seven: Lucid Dreams and Reality

    I’m ten chapters ahead of the update schedule, have an extra <3


    The next three weeks worth of updates are currently on wattpad, just waiting on the schedule. Six will go up Monday, maybe Tuedsay.

    As much as I love getting asks and comments on Artemis, can we divert them to my writing tumblr for posterity?

    Artemis - Chapter Five: Abductions

    Its a really weird feeling when someone who discouraged my writing growing up looks at me teary-eyed and tells me how much they love everything I write.

    Dear life, I win.

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    [Kamen] “What happened to a discreet getaway?”

    [Rei] “You don’t like it?”

    [Kamen] “It isn’t that.”

    [Nancy] “I don’t know anything about cars, but this is really…nice.”

    [Kamen] “You don’t want to know how much this car costs. If you could afford one you’d never have to worry about ever having to look at cold cuts if you didn’t want to.”

    [Nancy wide-eyed]

    [Kamen] “This is not okay, Rei.”

    [Rei] “What, you want to dart through the shadows like a fucking vagabond all the way home?” [narrows eyes at Kamen, its exactly what he HAS done for the past two months or so] “That’s suspicious. He expects that, but he doesn’t expect this.”

    [Kamen] “I’m not happy about this.”

    [Nancy] “I’m okay with it.”

    [Rei] “Hell, me too. Besides, I know some asshole who has like…five of these things.”

    [Kamen glares at Rei]

    • Jessica Chambers: she really loves him and wants him to be happy, and artemis makes him happy
    • Kyle Justice: Because she seeks not only his emotional affection, but hopes in some way that the sex may trigger something in him for her
    • Kyle Justice: ...right?
    • Jessica Chambers: yes
    • Jessica Chambers: but whats worse
    • Jessica Chambers: is that he was never gentle before, and when he's gentle in bed with her in the epilogue she knows its not meant for her
    • Kyle Justice: Man, that's fucked up.
    • Jessica Chambers: and that is why i was crying all night