Anonymous asked:
    i ended up trying the tumblr diet and actually lost 10 pounds so far.. in 3 days.. and i feel great bit(.)ly/quickslimdown

    That’s the diet where I see horrible feel-y things on my dash and feast on my own tears right?

    tasteaflowers-deactivated201306 asked:
    What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Why would it be hard to lose?

    I had to think about this a lot actually, this answer is well past-due.

    Stability, and I know it would be the hardest to lose because I’ve already lost it once, and I have no idea what I’d do if I lost it again. Every time before when I left somewhere and started everything over (new home, new friends, new life) I always had my stability. I didn’t the last time, and I needed help the most, and I didn’t have it. Arg, I don’t really know how to explain it.

    Right now I’m bogged down by memories, times when I was MORE stable, when things weren’t so rough financially, the stability I was forced to leave. Losing the stability again seems too close, and I’m terrified.

    I live with my boyfriend in our own place, we’re caught up on all the bills, we eat pretty fucking decently (anything is an amazing meal when you’ve been through the poor-as-fuck-can-only-afford-ramen deal).

    For 2 people with full-time employment it’s hard, and what scares me is that if I lose my stability I won’t be able to recover, its an unending cycle of losing more and more of myself.

    Anonymous asked:
    Have you stopped posting on your vlog <3? I miss seeing your pretty face every day.

    This morning:

    And I had actually recorded something to go up today, but ended up deciding against it. I’ll prob post an explanation on the site, and I’ll try to get a video up tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight after things settle down.

    Anonymous asked:
    Glad we finished up our GoT marathon, I'll be texting you during your move-week and blackout <3. Wanted to say how much I love that you remember all the little things. I think we'll be due for a long chat about starched shirts when you get internet back (I remember stuff too!). (Duckling)

    I can’t believe you remember that. It’s still one of my vices, but very situational. There were a few others, do you remember those?

    Anonymous asked:
    (Ducky <3) GoT? Your LS?

    Actually yeah, that would cheer me up right about now. Gimme about 20 to set up and get food.

    Anonymous asked:
    (Ducky) That would get annoying quick. GoT tonight?

    Maybe? I’m not sure yet, I’ve been having really weird nightmares (Or dreams? Not sure how I feel about them) and the latest incorporated GoT. Plus I still have a bunch of work to do, so we’ll see.

    Anonymous asked:
    (Ducky <3) Following too many?

    Not really, just following a bunch of people I never reblog, mostly because everything they reblog is something I’ve reblogged at some point already.

    Its cumbersome and annoying.

    Anonymous asked:
    OMG JESS, that recording, that chapter, oh my god Helen. Pudding. Eggs. (Ducky)

    I actually really love Ms. Helen, and not even just for the comic relief. She’s amazing in the final book (no spoilers).

    Probably one of the funnier chapters in an otherwise grim story.

    Might do another here in a bit.

    Anonymous asked:
    Focus on the move for now, Bunny. (Ducky <3)

    <3 That sounds fairly accurate. I’m exhausted with my life right now, and not even work or the place I’m living right now.

    I think I may actually be confusing hatred for apathy? It’s troublesome. I need to sort myself out.

    Might be up for some GoT later, I’ll be working in the corner, but company would be welcomed.

    tasteaflowers-deactivated201306 asked:
    Would you rather be hurt by the one you trust the most or the one you love the most?

    It’s the same person, and I think he’d have a harder time with it than I would.

    There was an instance a few years back, before we were actually together, when we were just friends where he up and disappeared for a few months. Of course it didn’t help that when he told me he was going away for a bit I blocked him entirely, I was so angry and at the time I didn’t even really understand why.

    When he came back he apologized, and we swept it under the rug and moved on.

    I’ve looked back on the instance before with him, because it DID hurt, and I didn’t even understand how much it hurt at the time, I assumed I was just overly angry, but it was because I loved him then just as much as I do now, and I didn’t know how to handle losing someone like that.

    I still don’t really, and my reaction when we get into arguments (very rarely) now is the same, I just go numb and he gets really apologetic. He takes these things harder than I do, he won’t even tell me about how he felt when I blocked him.

    I’d just really rather us not hurt each other, I hate seeing him flustered and sad.

    When all is said and done, I’d rather he be the one to hurt me over anyone else, I can’t really explain it, a part of me knows that if he did, everything would end up okay. Maybe its because we’ve had so many arguments and come out of them that I know I can put my faith in that. I don’t think I could put that kind of trust in someone I didn’t love more than anything.