“Sleep well?” Rei muttered.

    “You have no idea.” Kamen smirked.

    Rei gave Kamen a dirty look, “First you ignore my call, and then you poke fun at me?”

    “I didn’t mean it that way.”

    “You’ve been off the rermanim longer than you’re admitting, haven’t you?” Rei narrowed a sideways glare, “You shaved today, but you had one hell of a shadow yesterday.”

    Kamen groaned, “Oh, not this again.”

    “And don’t think I don’t know where you’ve been sleeping.”

    “It isn’t like I haven’t admitted it already.”

    “If it wasn’t for Val I’d out you do Deni in a heartbeat.”

    “Or because you feel responsible.”

    After looking around his surroundings for anyone paying attention, Rei hit the back of Kamen’s head, “I should have shot you when I had the chance, now we’re friends and I’d feel too bad about it.” Kamen gave Rei an arrogant grin and Rei reciprocated.