What I call ‘bones’.

    Basically dialogue with general settings and character actions in brackets. I usually think of the dialogue long before its time to write the scene, so I started doing this to make sure that I don’t lose that one conversation.

    Something from Jenna (spoilers under the cut):

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    She turns her head from where it’s resting on Gale’s chest and looks up at me, “Are you going to get on a night schedule?”

    Gale puts his hand around her neck and pulls her head back down to his chest sleepily, lazily speaking as she giggles, “Let her be.”

    Ritz hums, “Fine then. Remember Jenn-a, no sex…what were the other ones?”

    “Drugs?” Gale asks.

    “Right, no drugs.”

    “Rock and roll?”

    Gale.” She’s off on a giggling fit again, Ritz goes to get up again and Gale pulls her back down.

    had to open up the blue binder to read book 2 artemis, that moment when van dean *finally* gets it:


    “Sleep well?” Rei muttered.

    “You have no idea.” Kamen smirked.

    Rei gave Kamen a dirty look, “First you ignore my call, and then you poke fun at me?”

    “I didn’t mean it that way.”

    “You’ve been off the rermanim longer than you’re admitting, haven’t you?” Rei narrowed a sideways glare, “You shaved today, but you had one hell of a shadow yesterday.”

    Kamen groaned, “Oh, not this again.”

    “And don’t think I don’t know where you’ve been sleeping.”

    “It isn’t like I haven’t admitted it already.”

    “If it wasn’t for Val I’d out you do Deni in a heartbeat.”

    “Or because you feel responsible.”

    After looking around his surroundings for anyone paying attention, Rei hit the back of Kamen’s head, “I should have shot you when I had the chance, now we’re friends and I’d feel too bad about it.” Kamen gave Rei an arrogant grin and Rei reciprocated.

    As I pass by the master bedroom, the door is open and Ritz is inside with her rosary sitting on top of the large closed black coffin. I don’t like to disrupt her when she’s in the middle of her prayers, to be honest, seeing her with that rosary gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach. I wonder how many ‘Hail Marys’ and ‘Our Fathers’ she has to say before she feels like her soul is saved. At the rate she says them she must think she’s beyond help. It’s not like she’s the one who raised a corpse to play housekeeper.

    Kamen bit the inside of his mouth and glanced at Rei, he understood what she meant, but couldn’t help thinking that it was ironic that Dalia would see the truth of it all. He looked back on the events of the night; perhaps he had been a little too familiar with Artemis. Or rather, she had been awfully familiar with him. He recalled several moments where her more intimate actions had sparked a nervously happy smile.

    “You weren’t a giant then, you were lanky.”

    He gave her another look, “…Lanky…?”

    Her laughter was working its way up now and she struggled to stifle it, “Remember you’d hide behind trees and Lilly and I couldn’t find you. Then we just gave up and you didn’t come in until two hours after bedtime.” She was laughing full out now; her face sanguine and puffed from a smile that could not be swallowed. “You were so angry. I felt awful. Lilly thought you were mad about missing supper so she went and brought you half the cake from the pantry and told you that if you ate it all…”

    “If I ate it all I’d have amazing dreams.” He was now laughing just as hard as she was, “And I believed her.”

    The miidorai pounced up onto the table, setting himself down with hind legs out in front of him and the cookie platter in close range. “You ate all the cake?”

    Kamen shook his head, “I took one bite and Lilly said that I would never find a wife if I was UN-chivalrous enough to eat cake in front of two absolutely famished young ladies.”

    He was laughing harder now and Artemis picked the story up, “She took a handful of the cake and started eating and he told her that she was finally growing a butter cream mustache.”

    “She pelted me with it.”

    “Your parents were so angry the next morning. There was cake everywhere.”

    “Michealis had to get the ladder to clean it all up.” His laughter had ended but the smile remained.

    “Do people not fall down the stairs around here?”

    Rei rolled his eyes, “What kind of clumsy fool are you? Couldn’t you come up with something a little more creative, like a crocodile pulled out a knife and cut you after you crashed a mechafly into him?” He stopped with a hand on the handle of the door to his office, “Is that what you told your mother?”

    “Are you suggesting I’d lie to my mother on her deathbed?”

    “I haven’t decided yet.”

    Kamen glanced at Van Dean who offered another sincere smile and shrugged before sitting.

    I made it to page 242 in my Artemis read-through…where it starts to get awkward.

    wtf Van Dean, you’re going to be trying to kill this guy for the next thousand pages and all you can do when you meet him is smile and invite him to tea?

    “Nora Sybil doesn’t get angry. She asked Caspius Van Dean about the incident and he said it was a small feud. He also said he deserved what you did, which I am tempted to believe.” He took note of Artemis’ reluctance to respond to him, “My Orla, what did he say to you?”

    Artemis looked back at him from Najh for a second; she seemed to teeter between who to look at before setting her sight on Rei, “The last thing he said to me?” She thought back and felt incredibly silly, “He told me that henna wouldn’t work on my hair, because of the color it turned on my hands.”

    Rei’s eyes widened and he let himself fall into the cushions around the table, “So it’s because you’re white, right?” He nodded his head slowly, “Yes, he completely deserved to have his head slammed with an incense burner. While we’re at it, no you do not look fat in that dress.”